Strategic Plan 2013-16

The NDIA Board has developed a 2013–2016 Strategic Plan that outlines the vision, mission and goals for the NDIA to ensure we build and manage a world leading National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for all Australians.

The Strategic Plan has been developed by the NDIA Board in close consultation with the NDIA’s management team and Independent Advisory Council and incorporates comments from the Commonwealth, state and territory governments and the broader community. The Strategic Plan will be reviewed by the NDIA Board annually and will be aligned with the NDIA’s Corporate Plan and Statement of Intent.

On behalf of the NDIA Board and the NDIA’s management, we are honoured, privileged and deeply committed to building the NDIS with you.

Statement of Strategic Guidance and Statement of Intent

A Statement of Strategic Guidance is issued by the Commonwealth Minister responsible for the NDIS in accordance with section 125 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013. The Statement of Strategic Guidance sets out the objectives and principles under which the NDIA Board and the NDIA are expected to operate.

The Statement of Intent is the NDIA Board’s response to the Statement of Strategic Guidance, and includes information about how expectations will be met. The Statement of Intent outlines how the NDIA will manage key deliverables including strategic, corporate and business plans, financial sustainability, principles underpinning NDIA work, and stakeholder relationships and engagement.

Corporate Plan

Subsection 177(1) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 requires the NDIA Board to prepare an annual Corporate Plan. This is also a deliverable of the Statement of Intent. The Corporate Plan has been noted by the COAG Disability Reform Council. The Corporate Plan sits within a three year strategic planning framework and will be updated annually.

NDIA Corporate Plan 2015 - 19 (PDF 120.87KB)

NDIA Corporate Plan 2015-19 (DOCX 122KB)

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7 February 2014