Participant transport funding information

What is transport funding?

A participant will generally be able to access funding through the NDIS for transport assistance if the participant cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty due to their disability. Funding takes into account any relevant taxi subsidy scheme, and it does not cover transport assistance for carers to transport their family member with a disability for everyday commitments.

Please note this information is related to participant transport arrangements and does not relate to travel for providers of supports as detailed in the Support Cluster Definition and Pricing document on the website.

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Expected levels of transport support

There are three levels of supports for transport assistance, as set out below. The three levels are used to provide a transport budget for participants. NDIA funded supports are indexed on an annual basis.

Three new participant transport support levels:

Level 1 – The NDIS will provide up to $1,574.40 per year for participants who are not working, studying or attending day programs but are seeking to enhance their community access.

Level 2 – The NDIS will provide up to $2,442 per year for participants who are currently working or studying part-time (up to 15 hours a week), participating in day programs and for other social, recreational or leisure activities.

Level 3 – The NDIS will provide up to $3,416 per year for participants who are currently working, looking for work, or studying, at least 15 hours a week, and are unable to use public transport because of their disability.

Exceptional circumstances: participants can receive higher funding, up to $6000 per year, if the participant has supports (mainstream, informal or funded) in their plan that enables their participation in employment.

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5 August 2014