The Federal Budget 2015 and the NDIS

Key facts

The 2015-16 Budget provides funding for:

  • A new ICT system that will meet the needs of the NDIA as it rolls out across the country.
  • A limited roll-out of the NDIS in the Penrith and Blue Mountains areas from July 2015
  • Transfer of the Sector Development Fund from the NDIA to the Department of Social Services.

The 2015-16 Budget includes measures to support the delivery of the NDIS as it rolls out across the country and a measure for early transition beyond the trial in New South Wales.

NDIS full scheme technology

The Budget includes funding for a new ICT system that will provide the NDIA with the capabilities required to roll out the scheme around Australia.

The new ICT system is estimated to cost $143 million over four years and will be provided by the Department of Human Services, enabling the NDIS to utilise DHS’s existing technology platforms. The NDIA and DHS will commence work on an ICT system that:

  • allows participants to connect and interact with the Scheme, providers and the NDIA seamlessly, including those in rural or remote areas;
  • enables innovation in the way that people with a disability are supported by the NDIA;
  • allows the NDIA to efficiently collect, analyse and share information on disability services; and
  • streamlines our processes and procedures and improve the quality of our services.

The NDIA will hold an industry information session to the ICT market about the Agency’s ICT strategy in June 2015.

Roll-out of scheme in Nepean Blue Mountains

The Australian Government has committed $20 million so that young people in the Nepean Blue Mountains area can access the NDIS a year ahead of schedule.
The funding is part of an agreement with the NSW Government that will result in up to 2,000 people under the age of 18 benefiting from the NDIS in 2015-16.
The agreement will mean young people with disability in the Nepean Blue Mountains area, and their families, can access information and referrals from July 2015, with individualised packages of support available from September 2015.

Transfer of the Sector Development Fund

Responsibility for the Sector Development Fund (SDF) will transfer from the National Disability Insurance Agency to the Department of Social Services.  This transfer will allow the NDIA to focus on implementing the roll-out of support packages for people with a disability.

This measure also includes some refinements to the transition arrangements for Commonwealth programmes in NDIS trials and the My Way trial in Western Australia, at an overall cost of $3.8 million.

More information

Read more about the Federal Budget 2015-16 on the DSS website 2015 Budget page.