Provider portal updates

Please refer to the Provider Toolkit for step-by-step guides to the myplace provider portal.

What can I do on the myplace portal?

We've been making enhancements to the provider portal to make it easier to use. Providers can now:

  • create and manage service bookings
  • create and view payment requests (previously known as claims)
  • view their contact details
  • view messages received from NDIS
  • view, add and edit NDIS registration details, including updates to registration groups and professions (for providers in states other than NSW and SA who have transitioned to NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission (NQSC)
  • view and respond to quotes received from NDIS
  • view referrals made to their organisation
  • instant message with their linked participants
  • link another registered provider organisation (if applicable)
  • upload required documents
  • increase and decrease the duration, price and quantity on each Service Booking
  • immediately cancel a service booking
  • provide a rejection reason or explanatory note when rejecting a revision to a service booking
  • review a daily message sent to their myplace inbox, that displays all service bookings needing further action by them
  • delete a service booking that does not have a payment or claim or has not yet been accepted by a participant

Providers also have a new dashboard listing of the participants they provide a service for with shortcuts to view the plan (subject to consent from the participant).

The NDIA will continue to make enhancements to the portals over the next 12 months.

Guidance for these systems will be continually updated to support both participants and providers.

Service bookings

From 10 September 2018, participants and providers will be able to edit all participant and/or provider initiated service bookings.

As per current practice, NDIA initiated service bookings cannot be edited.

As per current practice, NDIA initiated service bookings cannot be edited.

Call 1800 800 110 for help with NDIA initiated service bookings.

Please refer to the Provider Toolkit for the myplace provider portal - step by step guides.

For information about the previous enhancements to the participant and provider portal read the news item.