Provider updates

Provider portal updates

17 June 2017

Screen changes

Multiple cosmetic changes have been made to numerous screens within the provider and participant portals. These include in the Provider Portal - Replace Reference number with NDIS Number on the View Service Booking Detail, End Service Booking & Service Booking Review screens.

Updating service bookings

Service Bookings that contain an Item number/s, spaces or underscores can now be updated successfully. An Item number is valid where any one of these formats exist.

Special character enhancement to payment requests

Provider can now search successfully on a payment request invoice number where symbols exist, whether the invoice number just contains symbols or a mixture of alphas and numerics as well as symbols. Previously where symbols where included in the ‘Your Invoice Number’ field, when performing a unique search on that specific data, no results were found.

View Outlet Details – Provider Finder Preview

Users can now navigate directly to the Provider Finder, instead of a Preview version of the Provider Finder display. 

Users will be able to see their details through the Provider Finder, and where they then wish to update the Outlet Details, they will be able to navigate directly back to the Edit Outlet screen to perform this.