Amanda Garland

Amanda Garland graduate 2023

I was attracted to the NDIA graduate program as it presented an incredible opportunity to build my leadership skills in social work and disability practice. It also allowed me to work in a purposeful and impactful social reform that I care about – the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

I currently work in the Service Guidance and Practice Branch as a content writer and project officer. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet people from various parts of the Agency and the broader Australian Public Service through the major project and my rotations. 

I completed a Master of Social Work at LaTrobe University, and my time in the Graduate program has contributed towards additional learning opportunities. I hope to complete my second masters next year and a thesis in disability policy – which is another big privilege of working at the NDIA!

My advice for future NDIA graduates is:  

1.    Give things a go. Talk to that person you admire; speak up at a meeting; test out a new way of doing something. 

2.    Trust yourself. Collaborate with your colleagues, share your innovative ideas, and know that you will bounce back from any challenges or setbacks you face. 

3.    Be kind to yourself. You are entering a new chapter of your life, treat yourself with the same kindness you would a friend.

Nisha Adihetty

Nisha Adihetty

As someone who is passionate about social inclusion and diversity, I was drawn to the NDIA’s Graduate program and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful work that helps some of the most vulnerable parts of the Australian community.

I am a Human Resources Generalist working on strategic projects within the People and Culture Division. The coolest thing about my job is working in a collaborative environment with all sorts of different people and teams. Everyone is so passionate and driven to find opportunities to improve our ways of working.

The best part of the Graduate program has been getting to know my fellow Graduates and working together on our Major Projects, which make an impact for NDIA staff with disability.

My advice for future NDIA Graduates is:  

1.    There are so many opportunities thrown your way as a Graduate, take advantage of them!

2.    People are so complex and layered and can make all the difference if you let them.

3.    Be open to change and lean into scary things – but always put your wellbeing first. 

James Tyrrell

James Tyrrell graduate 2023

I have a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and joined the Graduate program through the Finance stream. Prior to starting at the NDIA, I did not know which specific finance area I wanted to pursue. Since then, I completed six rotations across the Finance division and have been exposed to new and exciting areas. I have just been placed in a full-time role of my choosing and could not be more excited to start in the Scheme Reporting team! 

The biggest program benefit has been the exposure to various areas of the Finance division, and networking with many talented individuals. In addition to this, the Agency supports further study, such as the Charted Accounting program, which is a great motivator to learn new skills. 

My advice for future NDIA Graduates is:  

1.    Never stop learning.

2.    Invest in relationships. 

3.    Utilise your networks.

Nicholas Dean

Nicholas Dean

I am a Costings Officer in the Chief Financial Officer Division, and my job is to assist New Policy Proposal (NPP). This involves working with stakeholders to determine the anticipated financial costs of certain policy ideas, which are then considered by the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet. NPPs can come from a variety of sources and can touch on all aspects of the Agency, so there is always something new and interesting on my desk. 

The ability to play a part in shaping an Agency that will have a tangible impact on the lives of Australians living with disability was a major drawcard to working here. The Graduate program gave me credits for a Master in Public Policy. I am currently studying part time at the Australian National University which would have been much more difficult at another Agency or company.

The Agency is really supportive of me pursuing further education.

My advice for future NDIA Graduates is:  

1.    Embrace challenges.

2.    Ask lots of questions.

3.    You get out what you put in.

Nathan Petrovski

Nathan Petrovski

The NDIA Graduate program attracted me because I love being able to develop my skills and apply my knowledge in aid of giving Australians living with disability a better life. It is an endlessly motivating purpose. The Agency holds such a unique and important role in our country, the prospect of being part of its inception and growth was exciting to me. I get to solve problems that are often faced for the first time as the Agency is so young. The issues that often arise do not have an established history or process for being rectified, which is where we get to have lasting impacts in our solutions.

As part of the Graduate program, I completed six rotations within the Finance stream. Since completing the Graduate program, I’m now working as a Finance Officer.

The best part of the program is working on a multidisciplinary project aimed at improving the representation of leaders living with disability. The project allowed me to meet a range of different stakeholders in the disability community and subsequently increased my understanding on the importance and value that is provided to our society by individuals living with a disability.

My advice for future NDIA graduates is:

1.       Be open-minded.

2.       Be enthusiastic for work.

3.       Be willing to learn.

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