IAC advice on capacity building for people with disability, their families and carers

This advice addresses the needs of people with disability who require supports to live an ordinary life and the role that the National Disability Insurance Agency (the Agency) can play. The paper discusses different approaches to capacity building and their relative merits.

The paper concludes that elements of an effective approach to capacity building should include multi-pronged capacity building strategies, delivered for sufficient periods of time.

The IAC proposes that the Agency use capacity building to provide support for transformational change towards more independence, self-management and genuine community inclusion in three ways:

  • in Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC);
  • through the role of Local Area Coordinators at full scheme; and
  • through individual reasonable and necessary funded participant supports.

For more detail, please see the IAC advice below:

Agency response

The Agency generally accepts the recommendations contained in the report on capacity building and notes that the detailed information it contains will provide important input into its implementation of ILC.

The Agency is developing an ILC Commissioning Framework, which will be a clear statement of the anticipated role of ILC in the operation of the scheme and the outcomes expected to be achieved. It will establish the sourcing approach for ILC, and how the impact of ILC investments will be measured.

The Agency is co-designing the initial elements of the Commissioning Framework with people with disability, their families and carers and the organisations that represent them. The Agency is seeking specific feedback on the proposed role of ILC, priority areas of investment and expected outcomes.

The Agency will seek to make effective investments in individual and community capacity building through the ILC Commissioning Framework to increase the social and economic participation of people with disability and contribute to scheme sustainability.

For more detail, please see the Agency response below: