This page will list all current NDIA grant opportunities.

All general enquiries about NDIS grant opportunities should be emailed to

For specific queries about current grant opportunities, please use the contact information detailed in the information provided for that grant round. A link to the page hosting that information is provided in the table below.

Enquiries about existing grants should be directed to the Grant Agreement Manager identified in the Agreement.

Forecast grant opportunities

There are currently no forecast grant opportunities.

Current grant opportunities

There are no open grant opportunities.

Closed grant opportunities

Information about closed grant opportunities will be provided for 30 days.

Historical guidelines

The department maintains information to locate historical guidelines when requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Selection types

The NDIA provides opportunities for a diverse range of grant activities. As a result of this diversity, access to grant funding will be made available through direct, restricted or open selection process. To ensure the most beneficial outcome, the NDIA reserves its right to source providers outside of an open selection, including by direct selection, restricted selection or negotiating the expansion of an existing agreement with a current provider.

Open competitive

An open competitive grant opportunity is available to all providers operating in the market place. Open selection processes will be advertised on the Agency website, and through the media and other sources as required. Open competitive grant opportunities are open for a specific period of time, with open and closing dates for the submission of applications. Eligible applications are assessed against set selection criteria.

Restricted selection process

A restricted (or targeted) opportunity is used where there are few providers available in the market, as a result of the highly specialised services or expertise required, geographical considerations, or time constraints. A restricted grant round is competitive, but is only open to a limited number of potential grant recipients based on the specialised requirements of the granting activity or project under consideration. In a restricted process, potential grant recipients are invited to apply and applications will be assessed against selection criteria.

Direct selection process

A direct selection process is a closed process, where an approach is made directly to an existing, high performing organisation to expand their activities or deliver activities. This process involves assessment of a provider’s capacity through use of selection criteria and/or an assessment of previous and/or current performance.