Disability-related Health Supports Operational Guideline - Can a decision on disability-related health supports be reviewed

7. Can a decision on disability-related health supports be reviewed?

Yes. The NDIS Act states some NDIA decisions can be reviewed. These decisions are known as Reviewable Decisions. Reviewable decisions include the funding and provision of reasonable and necessary supports, which include disability-related health supports. A person may request a review if they are directly affected by an NDIA decision.

The request for review must be made within three months of receiving the reviewable decision notice. This is called a request for Internal Review of a reviewable decision. On receiving a request for internal review, the CEO or Delegate must carry out the review as soon as reasonably practicable.

A request for review may be made by:

  1. sending or delivering a written request to the NDIA, or
  2. making an oral request, in person or by telephone or other means, to the NDIA, or
  3. completing and lodging a request for review form in person, by mail or email to [email protected] (NDIS Unscheduled plan review)

If the participant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the Internal Review, the participant may within 28 days of being informed of the outcome or decision, apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for external review by the Tribunal.  

For further information refer to the Operational Guideline on Review of Decisions.

A plan review can be requested by a participant or initiated by the NDIA at any time and is often the result of a change in circumstances for the participant (that results in the need to make changes to the participant’s plan). Refer to the Operational Guideline on Reviewing and Changing a Participant’s Plan.

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1 October 2019
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