Planning Operational Guideline - Overview

1. What is the purpose of this operational guideline?

The planning and assessment process leads to what many participants see as one of the most important decisions the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will make, namely the decision about the supports to be included in their plan.

This Operational Guideline provides guidance in relation to the preparation and review of a participant’s plan, in particular the decision by the NDIA to approve a statement of participant supports.

2. What is the relevant legislation?

3. Overview

Each participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will have a plan, prepared in conjunction with the participant and approved by the NDIA.

The planning process seeks to identify the individual needs of participants’ and determine the range of informal, community, mainstream and NDIA funded supports needed to progress towards their goals.

A participant’s plan is made up of two parts:

  • the participant’s statement of goals and aspirations, which is prepared by the participant and specifies their goals, objectives, aspirations and personal context (including all informal, community and other mainstream supports already available to the participant); and
  • the statement of participant supports, which is prepared with the participant and approved by the NDIA, which specifies, among other matters, the supports that will be provided or funded by the NDIS.

A participant’s statement of participant supports will also set out the date by which the NDIA will review a participant’s plan (i.e. create a new plan) and how the funding for supports under a participant’s plan will be managed (see the plan management decision).

In deciding whether to include any support in a participant’s plan and when approving a statement of participant supports, the NDIA must have regard to a range of matters set out in the NDIS Act, including the participant’s statement of goals and aspirations.

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