Planning Operational Guideline - Setting the plan review date

12. Setting the plan review date

The statement of participant supports must include a statement which specifies the date by which, or the circumstances in which, the NDIA must review the plan (section 33(2)(c)).

The effect of the NDIA reviewing a participant's plan is that a new plan is created (see reviewing and changing a participant's plans). Therefore, when setting the review date for a participant's plan, the NDIA will have regard to the appropriate duration of a participant's plan.

Generally speaking, the NDIA will ensure that plans have a minimum duration of 12 months and will specify a plan review date of 4 - 6 weeks before the end of the participant's plan.

However, in some circumstances, the NDIA will specify a longer plan review date to accommodate the preparation of a new plan for a participant at a more appropriate time. For example, where a child is scheduled to commence school within 15 months of the preparation of their plan, the NDIA will specify a plan review date of 4 - 6 weeks before this life event.

In other cases, the NDIA may specify a shorter plan review date, for example where the supports in a participant's plan are innovative and there is a need to determine the effectiveness of those supports before deciding to fund the supports on a longer term basis.

The NDIA also has flexibility in relation to the way in which to specify the plan review date. For example, the plan review date can be specified as a date (i.e. 1 January 2017), or as a circumstance (i.e. when a child commences school), or in some cases, the NDIA may choose to specify the review date as both a date and circumstance (i.e. within 4 weeks of the participant commencing employment, or the period of 1 year whichever occurs sooner).

The NDIA will set the date or circumstance which is most appropriate to the participant given their individual context and the likely evolution of their support needs.

The NDIA's decision to set the review date for a participant's plan is a reviewable decision (see participant may request a review of the decision to approve the statement of participant supports) (section 99(d)).

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