August 2021 - Industry Reference Group

Industry Reference Group (IRG) Meeting: Tuesday 17 August 2021

Membership update

The IRG welcomed members and accepted apologies. 

NDIS update

Gerrie Mitra (NDIA) gave an update on the way forward for the NDIS, the COVID-19 response in NSW and an update on timing for the next Annual Price Review. 

Members noted the update.

DSS Workforce Plan

Suzanne Muir (DSS) and Thomas Abhayaratna (DSS) provided an overview and update of the National Workforce Plan, including the Care and Support Workforce campaign – A Life Changing Life. The workforce plan update focused on research findings, campaign objectives, target audiences and engagement strategies. 

Members noted the update and requested research available on allied health. Members highlighted the need to streamline the registration process for professionals to work across the sector and also promote long-term career progression. 

Thin Markets update

Kitsa Papadopoulos (NDIA) provided a Thin Markets update and facilitated a member-led discussion on industry challenges. Members discussed the update and how the lessons could be applied more broadly. Members also highlighted the value of sharing these insights more broadly with the sector. 

NDIA Consultation

Trent Tolra (NDIA) provided an update on the NDIA’s Home and Living and Support for Decision Making Consultations. The update included the vision, engagement activities, organisations included in developing the consultation papers, policy approach, feedback received to date and next steps.   

Members noted the update and commended the NDIA on the level of consultation being undertaken. 

Payments update

Tony Shinnick (NDIA) provided a payments update on the NDIS payment solution which included the digital roadmap, digital partners connecting with NDIA systems and the testing phase. Members noted the update. 

Participant Advocacy 

Donna Purcell (NDIA) and Barny Lee (NDIA) provided an overview of the role of the Participant Advocacy Branch and informed members of the new resource for supporting plan implementation called My Plan. 

Members noted the update and suggested the need for more guidance on service agreements.   

Assistive Technology update

Jo Collins (NDIA) provided an update on the Request for Information for Early Childhood Assistive Technology Approach. This included a summary of the feedback, challenges and dependencies identified and next steps. Lloyd Walker (NDIA) provided an update on the management of open Assistive Technology quotes and the ongoing work by the NDIA. 

Members noted both updates. 

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