February 2020 - SDA Reference Group

SDA Meeting: Friday 7 February, 2020


The CEO, Mr Hoffman, provided an update on the NDIA’s key focus areas including:

  • clearing operational backlogs by June 2020 with a progress report provided in March 2020
  • implementation of Tune Review, overlayed with Joint Standing Committee recommendations
  • NDIA IT system enhancements 
  • the approach for release of SDA-specific data to the market.

Key Market Updates

The Department of Social Services provided an update on the SDA Rules which were re-circulated to the State and Territory Governments at the end of January 2020. 

SDA Design Standard

The NDIA provided an update on the most recent activities for implementing the SDA Design Standard. This included a trial of the third-party assessor qualification course and the release of the pre-requisites for approval as an accredited SDA Assessor under the four specified professional groups. 

SDA Innovation

The NDIA gave an overview of the SDA Innovation Plan, and received feedback from members.

Medium Term Accommodation

Members provided feedback on the draft Medium Term Accommodation policy.

SDA Process Improvements

The NDIA tabled a paper providing an update of SDA process improvements made in 2019 and areas for future enhancements. 

Other business

Members proposed a range of topics for future agenda items.

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9 September 2020