March 2019 - SDA Reference Group

NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Reference Group Communique - Meeting, Tuesday 19 March 2019

Conflict of Interest Management

The Chair acknowledged written conflict of interest declarations received from members and reminded all members of the continuing requirement to update declarations as necessary.

SDA Reference Group Terms of Reference Review

The members discussed and reviewed the terms of reference and confirmed they were acceptable for the time being. Members noted that the terms of reference can be modified in future if required.

Limited Cost Assumptions Review

The Chair invited members to provide feedback on the terms of reference for the upcoming limited cost assumptions review. The group welcomed the review. 

Members agreed the NDIA should consider removing some of the specificity from the terms of reference to capture other factors in addition to location and construction costs, while noting the need to keep the review focused.

The Chair agreed to consider member feedback and review the terms of reference as required. 

SDA Market Data Sharing

Members endorsed the NDIA’s commitment to continue to update and expand SDA market data. The NDIA confirmed there would be ongoing consideration of the detail of the data and best method for release. 

Members emphasised the importance of improving demand-side data, while noting the large scale and technical challenges of work required to implement data exporting from NDIA systems and support more releases with greater detail.  

Other business

Members discussed the pre-certification process for SDA dwellings and the NDIA noted that it is currently working with Liveable Housing Australia to develop the new SDA design standards that are required to implement the approach. The new standards are expected in June 2019 but additional time required before their introduction to allow for certifiers to be trained in the new standards.  

Agenda items for future meetings

Members proposed a range of topics for future agenda items.

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