Use of NDIS logo

We are proud of our community roots and it's important that the community continues to have ownership over the NDIS.

We encourage people to use the ‘I heart NDIS’ and ‘I support NDIS’ logos to show their support and to raise community awareness about the NDIS, these are available on the right hand side of this page.

These two supporter logos are available for everyone to use as the NDIS logo and the NDIA and NDIS acronyms are trademarked by the Commonwealth Government and can't be used by any other organisation, outside of the NDIA.

We are currently working with organisations and providers who are using the NDIS logo or registering business names and website addresses containing NDIS or NDIA acronyms.


The Registered Provider Terms of Business outline how providers can promote their association with the Scheme.

The terms of business state:

  • Registered Providers may identify their NDIS registration by stating ‘Registered NDIS Provider.
  • The NDIS logo and colour scheme must not be used by a Registered Provider in any publicity material, including use on vehicles, buildings, emails, stationery, business cards etc.

Registered service providers can use the 'I heart NDIS' and 'I Support NDIS' logos as well as the 'Registered provider tagline'.


The Agency has formal contractual agreements with our Partners in the Community, including LACs and ECEI partners. These partners are provided with our co-branded guidelines to direct them in appropriate logo use.

Social media

Social media is a great resource to spread the word about the NDIS. The NDIS Facebook page and YouTube channel have heaps of great videos and animations and we encourage you to share with your networks.

We don't plan to contact groups if they use the NDIS acronym in their name, such as ‘I heart NDIS’ and ‘NDIS Grassroots’. We will only contact groups on social media if they appear to be presenting themselves as acting on behalf of the Agency.