ILC Grants

ILC is all about inclusion | Lessons learned

ILC is all about inclusion

It’s about creating connections between people with disability and the communities they live in. One way the NDIA wants to help create those connections is through providing grants to organisations.

The NDIA will distribute ILC funding through grants. Organisations will have to apply for a grant to deliver an activity. The NDIA will look to fund activities that help create positive and lasting change for people with disability and their communities.  

How is ILC implemented?

ILC activities are currently funded through a range of grant programs such as open, competitive-based processes, through to closed, invitation-only grants. We follow the Commonwealth Grant Rules and Guidelines to make sure our grant making processes and grant decisions are fair and equitable.

Lessons learned

We have summarised some of the key lessons that emerged from the first ILC grant rounds, they can be found on the Lessons from previous grant rounds and sector engagement page.