Lessons from previous grant rounds and sector engagement

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Learnings from ILC Jurisdictional Based Grant Round 1 – ACT, and National Readiness Round 1

With the delivery of the first ever Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants rounds in early 2017, supported by engagement with the sector, many valuable lessons have been learned. Below is a brief summary of the key lessons emerging from the first grant rounds for ILC:

  • Understanding the boundaries between the Activity Areas in the ILC Policy - many applications did not fully align to their selected ILC Activity Area or applicants did not chose the correct ILC Activity Area. This may indicate that organisations do not fully understand the definition of each ILC Activity Area and/or the ILC Activity Areas are too broadly defined.
  • Clarifying funding responsibilities – some applications identified activities that could reasonably be expected to be delivered by an employer (such as workplace adjustments) or could be the responsibility of another mainstream or government funded service.
  • Interface – there is scope to provide a clearer explanation of the interface between ILC and mainstream, and community services. For example, many proposed activities included the delivery of training to community or mainstream services (such as staff training). Delivery of training cannot be funded under ILC if the training is a responsibility of the organisation or mainstream service provider under arrangements such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the National Disability Strategy.
  • Understanding of capacity building – there was limited understanding of capacity building and the type of activities that constitute capacity building for individuals, communities or mainstream services.
  • Outcomes measurement – applicants sometimes found it challenging to clearly explain how their proposal will deliver outcomes that contribute to one or more of the ILC outcomes. The ILC Toolkit outcomes story builder tool can support applicants in considering outcomes when planning for grant applications.
  • Sustainability – applicants found it challenging to explain how their activity will be sustainable into the future, for example, by embedding the activity into an organisation’s existing business, or attracting new and/or self-sustaining sources of funding.
  • Evaluation – applications could have been enhanced by the inclusion of an independent evaluation. This is particularly relevant where a proposal includes the potential for expansion to other regions.

There was strong interest during these grant rounds. A total of 368 applications were received during the National Readiness Grant Round and 99 applications for the Jurisdictional Based Grant Round (ACT). Applications were received from a variety of organisations. The list of successful applicants for the Jurisdictional Based Grant Round (ACT) and the National Readiness Grant Round 1 are available online.

Sector engagement - try an ILC idea

Prior to the opening of the ILC Jurisdictional Based Grant Round 2 for NSW, ACT and SA on 24 October 2017, the NDIA provided organisations with the opportunity to receive feedback on their idea for an ILC activity before making an ILC Jurisdictional Based Grant application.

The NDIA thanks all that participated in the opportunity. Outlined below are some common themes regarding some of the ideas received:

  • Some ideas aligned better to a different ILC Policy Activity Area than the one selected.
  • Some ideas duplicated and/or overlapped with the funding responsibilities of Partners in the Community delivering Local Area Coordination (LAC) and/or Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) services.
  • Some ideas also overlapped with the responsibilities of local council and other mainstream government services.
  • Some ideas clearly demonstrated a strong knowledge and understanding of the needs of people with disability.
  • Some ideas clearly showed how people with disability would benefit from their proposed ILC activity.

Please note: Participation in the Try an ILC Idea opportunity does not impact on any ILC grant application your organisation may make. Any feedback you may have received about an ILC idea has no impact on any ILC grant application you may submit.


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