Information for clubs and associations

Inclusion in your community

Not-for-profit community clubs and associations are fundamentally part of the fabric of the community at a local level.

It is likely that most participants in the scheme will seek to make better connections to community based supports. Local Area Coordinators will work with participants to identify suitable options.

The NDIA will also work with the organisations to increase their awareness of the needs and desires of people with disability and will explore strategies to assist them to address simple improvements that may be needed to their facilities to enable access and participation by people with disability.

This might include activities such as:

  • Identifying basic training that would help individuals (for example, paid employees, operators of businesses, or volunteers) to more effectively work with people with disability
  • Minor modifications to facilities such as more accessible paths around a community garden.

ILC Grants

Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) is all about community inclusion. It’s about creating connections between people with disability and the communities they live in.

At present the NDIA can help create those connections through providing funding to organisations to deliver programs for the benefit of people with disability and the broader Australian community.

Find out about ILC grants on the NDIS website and sign up to the ILC mailing list (external) for updates.

This page current as of
22 January 2019