Making the NDIS stronger together

We recognise genuine change is needed to ensure the NDIS works for all people with disability. That’s why we’re making the NDIS better.  

Working closely with, and listening to people with disability, their families, carers and the sector (the disability community) is the only way to ensure the NDIS is the best it can be.  

Many of the ideas about how to make the NDIS better have come from the disability community. 

Working with the disability community

We engage with the disability community in different ways. We seek to: 

  • understand issues from a variety of perspectives 
  • share problems and work together to come up with solutions 
  • meet agreed desired outcomes. 

The co-design process 

We are working collaboratively with our stakeholders to: 

  • explore and define the problems we are trying to solve – are we asking the right questions? Do we understand the problems the Scheme and participants are facing?   

  • develop potential solutions with the people that will be impacted by our decisions. 

  • prioritise our work – what will make the most impact? 

  • test and validate the ideas that have come from co-design to make sure the solutions work for everyone and help us achieve our goals.   

  • implement the solutions that have worked.  

This page current as of
6 June 2024
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