The evaluation of the second pilot focused on:

  • Understanding the experiences of participants and how they found the independent assessment process. 
  • Understanding whether the report reflected what participants told their assessor and their functional capacity.
  • Hearing form Assessors on the process and their support needs.
  • Getting feedback on the independent assessment tools and whether participants and assessors feel they collected the right information.

Who was involved:

  • 3,759 independent assessments completed from participants across all states and territories
  • 948 responses to the evaluation survey
  • 116 pilot participant interviews 
  • Together, participants with Autism (15.9%) and an Intellectual Disability (14.8) as their primary diagnosis made up over a third of those who took part in the pilot 
  • Just over 200 qualified healthcare professionals delivered independent assessments as part of the pilot
  • Occupational Therapists delivered the most assessments (45%), followed by Physiotherapists (39%)
  • We also received survey responses from 74 independent assessors and interviewed 10 supplier managers and 26 assessors, across three suppliers.
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7 July 2021
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