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Development of a Framework and Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence-enabled Assistive Technologies

In April 2021, the NDIA convened a round table discussion on the role of Artificial Intelligence (IA) in NDIS funded supports.

NDIS participants, families and caregivers as well as other key stakeholders such as industry developers, researchers and regulators were involved in the discussion.

At the heart of this discussion was exploring how the AI sector and solutions will contribute to supporting NDIS participants. 

Insights from the round table included a recommendation for the NDIA to support the development of a framework and roadmap to guide the development, testing and implementation of AI-enabled assistive technologies (AT).

A framework and roadmap will assist the NDIS to guide the AT market development and support better matching of technologies to a person’s individual needs. 

The framework will also be a part of resources to help compare the risks, benefits and place of emerging technologies as part of the NDIS landscape. 

The NDIA has commissioned the CSIRO to undertake research and consultation to help inform and then develop this framework and roadmap. 

The research has two key parts:

  1. A review of published research that explores development, implementation and evaluation of AI technologies for people with disability. 
  2. Interviews and focus groups with NDIS participants, their family, carers and other supporters as well as industry and service providers to better understand the needs and experiences of participants when accessing AI-enabled AT as an NDIS support.

We are also interested to know what help people need when selecting assistive or smart technologies. This research has been approved by the CSIRO Human Research Ethics Committee.

To find out more about this research you can visit the CSIRO website AEHRC - MyCSIRO or email our research team at [email protected]

The framework and roadmap will be launched mid next year.

Evaluation of NDIA thin market trials

In the NDIS context, thin markets exist where there is a gap between participant needs and their use of funded supports. Our evaluations of thin market trials explore what market inventions are successful, for who, when and how. 

We are evaluating the Disability Reform Council (DRC) and Agency-initiated thin market trials to guide how we intervene in markets in the future. 

Our goal is to understand what approaches are successful, for which types of participants and in which context so that participants can get services and support they need. 

What are we evaluating? 

In 2019, the Disability Reform Council (DRC) agreed that each State and Territory would host a trial to address market challenges in thin markets. We also initiated trials in a number of other thin markets nationally. 

We are conducting ‘realist evaluations’ of these trials. Our methods include:

  • statistical analyses of plan utilisation and market indicators
  • an online survey of service providers in trial locations 
  • stakeholder interviews.
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