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Providers are encouraged to regularly check the Department of Health and state or territory specific information for the latest advice.

COVID-19 Health Professionals Disability Advisory Service

This telephone advisory service has been established by the Commonwealth Department of Health to provide specialised advice for health professionals involved in the care of people with disability diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 

Some people with disability may become anxious in these situations and require reasonable adjustments to their healthcare to ensure they receive COVID-19 testing or treatment, with minimum distress. Specific support may be required to address communication and management issues, such as behaviours of concern and the reduction of risk to the patient and staff involved in the process.

Calls to the Advisory Service will be answered by health professionals with disability service qualifications and experience working with people with disability.

Health professionals can phone the service on 1800 131 330 - it is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

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8 September 2022
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