Mobility Allowance and the NDIS

This factsheet provides information on what will happen to your Mobility Allowance payment if you become a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme. An Easy English text-only version is also available on the right.

What is Mobility Allowance?

Mobility Allowance provides financial assistance for people with disability, illness or injury aged 16 years or over who cannot use public transport without substantial assistance and need to travel to and from their home for work (including volunteer work), training or job seeking.

There are no providers for Mobility Allowance. The allowance is paid directly to recipients by Centrelink.

For more information on Mobility Allowance visit the Department of Human Services website.

I’m currently receiving Mobility Allowance. Will anything change for me under the NDIS?

If you become a participant in the NDIS we will work with you to complete your NDIS plan as soon as possible.

Your NDIS plan will include any supports that the NDIS will fund, including any reasonable and necessary transport-related funded supports.

If you are receiving Mobility Allowance when you receive an approved National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, your eligibility for the Mobility Allowance payment ceases.

You cannot receive Mobility Allowance once you have a plan with the NDIS. However you will keep your Health Care Card if you have one.

For more information about the reasonable and necessary transport related supports that the NDIS may fund please see Operational Guideline – Transport.

What happens if I don’t become a participant in the Scheme?

If you don’t become a participant in the NDIS you will continue to receive Mobility Allowance from Department of Human Services (Centrelink).

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