Bundaberg: Provider Session 3 – Understanding the process to operate in the NDIS

The NDIS is presenting the last of three comprehensive information sessions for providers in Bundaberg on April 17, 2019.

This session will explore service agreements and bookings, scheme integrity and getting paid. This session will cover:

Part 1 of Session

  • NDIS overview and update
  • NDIS Price Guide 
  • Support categories 
  • Fund management
  • Importance of developing service agreements with participants
  • How do I get paid? 
    • Creating service bookings on the myplace Provider Portal
    • Creating payment requests
    • Bulk uploads
    • Provider Payments Team 
  • Quoting
  • In-kind

Part 2 of Session

  • Payments and assurance
  • Plan management
  • Scheme integrity   

Other sessions in this three-part series include:

  • Session 1: Understanding the NDIS
  • Session 2: Getting Started as a Provider

Please advise any accessibility requirements.