APM Partner in the Community in Wheatbelt

APM NDIS Partner in the Community is holding a free community one on one Q&A session.

The session is intended to help people with disability as well as their families and carers, community members, or allied health professionals have a better understanding of the NDIS, disability and inclusion. 

The one on one Q&A session will offer information about your individual NDIS plan questions, learn more about access pathway and to help link you to mainstream and community supports.

No appointment is required, we are inviting people in the Gingin region to meet with Local Area Coordinator (LAC) Community Capacity Building (CCB) staff who can help with:

If you are a participant, then bring along your plan and we can help answer your questions.

If you engage with the NDIS through your work, then we can help you learn more about the NDIS disability and inclusion initiatives.

 If you are a part of the community, then we invite you to come and share your ideas on how Gingin can be more inclusive and disability aware.

Please advise any accessibility requirements such as the need for interpreters to:

katie.leeder@apm.net.au or call 1300 276 522 so we can accommodate you.