Finding and engaging providers

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has developed a number of resources to assist participants when choosing a provider or employing a support worker. It is important to choose the provider or providers that are right for you. Make sure you understand your plan and supports and have decided whether you are going to self-manage the budgets in your plan before you start choosing providers.

Participant booklets

Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey.

The third booklet in the series includes useful information to help you find service providers who can help you achieve your goals.

Booklet 3 - Using your NDIS Plan

Booklet 3 covers:

  • Understanding what’s in your plan
  • Learning how to use your plan
  • Choosing and managing supports and services
  • Reviewing your plan and progress

Cancellations and “no shows” of scheduled supports

Providers are to have business arrangements in place to minimise the risk of cancellation, no show or late change to a scheduled support. Service agreements between participants and providers should include details of these arrangements (including rescheduling the support) and advice periods for cancellations and changes to agreed appointments.

Where there is a specific risk that a participant will frequently “not show” for a support due to the nature of a person’s disability or the nature of the support, for example behaviour intervention supports, the provider will have suitable individual specific arrangements in place to maximise the likelihood the person will receive all their required supports.

In relation to personal care, skill development or community access supports, if the participant, or their family or carer on their behalf, agree there was an unforeseen circumstance that resulted in a cancellation, no show or late change, a fee may be charged against a participant plan. Any fee that is charged to the participant’s plan will be according to the terms set out in the service agreement between the participant and the provider, up to a maximum of eight instances per year.

Where a participant fails without notice to keep the scheduled arrangement for the support (a “no show”) the provider must make every effort to contact the participant to determine if there is an additional problem (e.g. the person has fallen out of bed and cannot raise an alarm, or the informal supporters are in crisis and additional support is likely to be required).

More than eight instances of cancellation or no shows in a continuous 12 month period will be notified to the Agency contact person by the provider, so that consideration may be given to reviewing the participant plan.

The NDIS Price Guides set out rules in relation to payments for cancellations.

No payment may be claimed for a support provided after the date of death of a participant.

No fee is payable by NDIS, or the participant, for cancellation by a provider or any failure to deliver the agreed supports.

NDIA does not permit collection of deposits, or money as a bond, from participants that a provider would retain in the event of cancellation of a support.

Other related information