NDIS participant journey in Tasmania

The NDIS test in Tasmania will focus on improvements to the participant journey.

Here is an NDIS Overview flow chart of how the NDIS will work in Tasmania.

Making connections

Better ways to support people with disability, children and families where there are concerns about their development and participants, to learn about and access community and mainstream services available to them, including the NDIS.

Applying to the NDIS

Increased support for people to apply for the NDIS, including helping them to complete their application and provide the right information and evidence to support their access request.

Creating NDIS plans

Building clearer NDIS plans that are closely matched to a participant’s needs, which reflect:

  • The reasonable and necessary supports for participants to pursue their goals, increase their independence, and help them work, study and join social activities.   
  • The NDIS rules about the kinds of reasonable and necessary supports included in a participant’s plan don’t change in the Tasmania test – they are the same for participants everywhere in Australia.
  • A simpler way to explain the budgets in your plan, making it easier to understand what supports are funded, as well as the same names for supports across NDIS plans and portals.
  • Your stated and flexible supports will be listed at the support category level, rather than as line-by-line items, providing more flexibility in how you use your plan.
  • The information and evidence participants provide in their NDIS application or plan reassessment.

If you are an existing NDIS participant, your current existing plan budget will be the starting point for your new budget when your plan comes up for reassessment.

Better support for participants to use their NDIS plan 

Longer and more flexible NDIS plans, with improved online resources and tools to help participants manage their budget and select and engage providers.

More time for NDIS local area coordinators and early childhood partners to work with participants to make the most of their NDIS plan. We’re increasing our focus on plan implementation, and easier and more efficient ways to make minor changes to plans.

Improvements to our portals and new tools so they work better with NDIS plans. 

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9 November 2022
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