Participant events helping us learn more

Key points

  • During our testing in Tasmania, we will continue to listen to feedback from participants, providers and the disability community
  • Information sessions for participants in Tasmania took place in November 2022, including face-to-face and virtually
  • We are currently planning for further events in early 2023. Check this page regularly for updates.

How we are improving participant experience

The NDIA is conducting real-time testing in Tasmania of our new computer system, which, along with few enhancements to our processes, will significantly improve the overall participant experience.

Testing in Tasmania is being held alongside a series of engagement activities which will inform the next steps and a possible national rollout. Over the coming months, we will provide further opportunities for stakeholders to learn more about the Scheme changes, as well as offer feedback that will inform the rollout.

What have we learnt so far?

In November 2022, the NDIA held three Open House face-to-face sessions in Tasmania, in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport. These sessions provided an informal space for our participants, their families and carers to talk directly with the NDIA staff as well as our partners in the community. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback related to their NDIS journey. The sessions were well-received, with attendees providing insights into their own experience.

In addition, we held three virtual sessions for those who couldn’t attend in person. We received more than 200 registrations for the online events, with all sessions providing a convenient platform for people to learn more and get their questions ask questions. 

The two engagement formats complemented each other, allowing us to uncover themes from the feedback we received.

Who else have we talked with so far?

The NDIA has taken a proactive approach to engaging stakeholders on design, build and implementation of our new computer system. This includes disability community and government engagement, as well as participants and providers.

Consultations have occurred with disability and community representatives, including the NDIS Independent Advisory Council, as well as Disability and Carer Representative Organisations (DRCOs).

A dedicated DRCO Advisory Group has been established, which meets every three weeks to provide advice and support in the test of the new computer system and processes. We also have a monthly meeting with Tasmanian DRCOs who are funded to support us learn from the test.

We have also engaged with State and Territory governments to provide an overview of the changes.

Additionally, we are engaging with participants via our Participant First network, while participant focus groups have been held across September and October 2022.

How can I contribute or learn more about the test?

There are further opportunities to learn and provide feedback. On behalf of the Agency, 5 disability representative carer organisations (DRCOs) will be delivering sessions for participants. These trusted Tasmanian-based organisations are: 

  • Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)
  • Autism Tasmania
  • Flourish Tasmania
  • Disability Voices Tasmania
  • Speak Out Advocacy

If you would like to be part of these sessions, please email [email protected].

Our engagement approach in Tasmania

During the test of the new computer system in Tasmania, we want to work closely with participants, providers and the wider disability community.

We will continue to engage with people, to explain the test and learn from participants and providers who are using our new portals and tools. We will use the information we learn to improve our computer system and processes before we start using it across Australia.

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17 February 2023
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