New NDIS participant pathway experience

October 2017

Participant pathway

The NDIA worked with over 300 participants, providers and other stakeholders to learn about their experience

188 people with disability & carers

76 providers

124 frontline staff

20 state official interviews

The NDIS fits within a broader supports and services system

The NDIS is for all Australians

The NDIS is part of a broader system supporting people with disability

The New Pathway Experience

Outcomes focused

Reliable and trusted

Vibrant and connected

Consistent and straight-forward

The 3 phases of the participant pathway

Phase 1: Engaging with the NDIS

  1. 1. Learn about the NDIS and how it fits in the broader system of supports
  2. 2. Decide to proceed to access
  3. 3. Receive access decision.

The purpose of phase 1 in the participant pathway is to:

Phase 2: Planning to achieve goals and outcomes

  1. 4. Understand current supports and prepare for planning
  2. 5. Create a plan to achieve goals and outcomes
  3. 6. Receive approved plan

The purpose of phase 2 in the participant pathway is to:

Phase 3: Achieving goals and outcomes

  1. 7. Activate and implement plan
  2. 8. Use plan to achieve outcomes
  3. 9. Get support using plan
  4. 10. Review outcomes and progress

The purpose of phase 3 in the participant pathway is to:

Next steps

The NDIA's purpose is to empower people with disability to choose and achieve their goals in inclusive communities and workplaces.