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  • 下载我的参与之旅简体中文手册,以获取有关全国残障保险计划的信息。
  • Download the brochure ‘My NDIS Pathway’ for information about the NDIS in Chinese (Simplified).


Protecting yourself from fraud and the misuse of your NDIS funds

Information, linkages and capacity building(信息、联系和能力建设)(ILC)

ILC 旨在确保残障人士能够更好地接触和融入这个社会。您可以深入了解我们如何以ILC Commissioning Framework形式推出 ILC。ILC Commissioning Framework 是 ILC 的行动方案。

ILC is all about making sure our community becomes more accessible and inclusive of people with disability. You can find out more about how we are rolling out ILC in the ILC Commissioning Framework, which is our action plan for ILC.

若您需人帮忙联系全国残障保险计划,请拨打 131 450 致电翻译及传译服务。

If you need help contacting the NDIS, please call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450.