Working towards co-design

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The Independent Advisory Council (Council) gave the NDIA advice on how to work with the sector and participants  in a different way.

They have encouraged us to focus on building and strengthening the mutual relationship by:

  • developing an agreement or compact with disability sector on how we want to work together,
  • agreeing on a definition of co-design and how it will be applied to potential Scheme improvements, and
  • developing an engagement roadmap which outlines the forward plan and how we plan to engage.

We’ve been meeting with Council and sector representatives to plan for the agreement.

We will be holding many workshops and meetings with the Council, and disability representative and carer organisations to get this right. 

In the coming months attendees at the workshops will ask the people they represent what they think is important to include in the agreement.

Developing an agreement will take time, and we recognise that we all have to do things differently.

We will continue to engage with participants, families, carers, the disability sector and other stakeholders through a wide range of activities in addition to co-design.

Find out more about how we are working towards co-design.