Independent Assessment Pilot launch

Posted on 07 November 2018

The NDIA has launched an Independent Assessment Pilot (IAP) to better understand the impact of disability for people seeking access to the NDIS.

The pilot forms part of the improvements being made to the NDIS Participant Pathway and will help build a fair, consistent and reliable Scheme that delivers the best outcomes for individuals, now and into the future.

The pilot will draw on the skills of an independent assessor to undertake functional impact assessments which will be used by the NDIA to help inform access and planning decisions.

The pilot will commence in NSW with participants who have autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and psychosocial disability. It has been developed in response to feedback from participants and furthers the NDIA's commitment to ensuring the NDIS access and planning processes are clear, consistent and fair for everyone seeking support from the NDIS.

Read the media release or find out more about the pilot including answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.