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NDIA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), provides regular updates to the sector on the progress of the NDIS rollout, highlights, and future areas of focus.

You can email [email protected] to provide feedback, including about this regular update. 

Stay informed with the CEO – A focus on the future

On 18 March I met with Commonwealth, State and Territory Disability Ministers for the first Disability Reform Ministers’ Meeting (DRMM) of the year.

You can read my full statement for further details.

Stay informed with the CEO - launch of the home and living consultation report

On December 8 I presented at the Disability Services Consulting (DSC) Housing & Home Conference and the National Disability Services (NDS) CEO’s meeting.

Stay informed with the CEO - CEO powers in NDIS Amendment Bill 2021

There is some conversations in the community about the CEO powers in the Bill. I want to address this issue because I’m concerned it is causing unnecessary worry for participants and the disability community.  

Stay informed with the CEO - create a better future together, by learning from the past

On Thursday 24 September I spoke to disability community stakeholders as part of a co-design workshop.

I spoke about my reflections on the first co-design workshop and my commitment to work together to solve the problems the Scheme faces and the improvements we’ve been asked to make. You can read my full statement for further detail on how we want to work together.

Stay informed with the CEO - the future of the NDIS

On Wednesday 21 July I spoke at the DSC ‘Where to from here?’ conference about the future of the NDIS.

I spoke about the outcome of the recent Disability Reform Ministers’ Meeting, our shared goal to improve the Scheme and the way forward through co-design. You can read my full speech for further details

Stay informed with the CEO - Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS

On Tuesday 4 May 2021, I was called to share a statement at the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS. I’m keen to share what I said with participants, their families and carers and the sector.

Stay informed with the CEO - Scheme reform update

There has been a lot of focus on the NDIS in recent weeks. I’ve recorded a short video for participants, their families and carers, and the sector, to let you know where we are in terms of Scheme reforms and set a clear picture of what we’re working towards – ultimately, an affordable Scheme that supports participants to have more control over their supports and their lives.

Stay informed with the CEO – consultation input summary reports on proposed NDIS changes

Recently we released the consultation input summary reports on proposed changes to the NDIS. These reports capture what we heard through the recent consultation process, which was an opportunity for participants, families, carers and the sector to provide feedback and input on the implementation of the proposed Scheme reforms.

We received 769 submissions through the consultation process, which ran from 25 November 2020 to 23 February 2021. I want to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to provide us with feedback on the papers, and contribute to making a better NDIS that is simpler, fairer and faster for participants.

Stay informed with the CEO - Joint paper on independent assessments

In March the NDIA released a joint paper with the Department of Social Services about independent assessments. The paper is the Government’s submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS inquiry on independent assessments. I talk about how our submission sets out a clear picture of the planned reforms and why they are necessary to deliver a simpler, faster, fairer and more flexible NDIS will benefit all Australians. 

Stay informed with the CEO - Planning meetings

In November we released consultation papers asking for your feedback on proposed changes to some key areas of the NDIS – Access and Independent Assessments, Budgets and Planning and supporting young people through Early Childhood Early Intervention. 

I have touched on planning meetings and answered some questions about planning meetings and dispelled some misinformation.

Stay informed with the CEO - Independent assessments

I want to talk to you about why we are introducing independent assessments. I’ll explain the issues we’re addressing with the assessments and where the recommendations for using independent assessments have come from.

Stay informed with the CEO - GPs and independent assessments

One of the questions that comes up regularly around independent assessments is: What role can my GP play in my assessment

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