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A few weeks ago we released consultation papers on improvements we’re planning to make to key areas of the NDIS – access and independent assessments, budgets and planning, and supporting young people through our Early Childhood Approach.

We are asking for your feedback on proposed changes to these processes to make things simpler and to give you greater flexibility with your plan funding – so you can choose the supports that best suit you.

Since we released those papers, I have received questions about what the changes are and what they will mean for you.

I have also seen some information shared that is not correct or not completely accurate. 

It’s important you are getting correct information so you know exactly what we are asking for your feedback on and so you don’t feel unnecessarily worried or stressed about these changes. 

I’ll be giving you regular updates to answer questions, clear up any confusion or incorrect information and keep you informed as our consultation process continues over the next few months.  

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6 May 2021
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