Protecting yourself and your NDIS funds

Posted on 26 September 2017

Most people are using NDIS funds in the right way, but everyone needs to know their responsibilities and do the right thing to protect themselves and the NDIS. Some handy tips to remember are:

  • Participants should have a Service Agreement with each of their providers that is mutually agreed to and then signed by both parties. This becomes a legal contract that helps the participant and the provider work well together.
  • If you are concerned that something is not right or may be illegal you can report this to the NDIA at: or 1800 650 717. You can report anonymously and you don't need to have all the facts to make a report. A suspicion is enough.

When NDIS funds are misused it hurts everyone in the Scheme. It can mean that there is less NDIS funding available in the future and if someone is caught misusing NDIS funds they may face legal action.

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