Weekly Q and A - 11 December

Posted on 11 December 2017

collapsedI've heard applying for NDIS means you lose your disability support pension, is this true?

collapsedCan you employ a support worker to help a person with disability with parental duties (particularly if the children are very young)? Which part of NDIS would cover this?

collapsedIs there any work currently being done to address the fact that there is a significant shortfall of delegates who are allocated to read OT recommendations for equipment?

collapsedIf a participant has funding for Assistance with Daily Living (ADL) only ( i.e. does not have funding for Consumables or Assistive Technology) can they use this to purchase a weighted blanket if it is a reasonable and necessary support for them?

collapsedI’d like to know where I can put in a formal complaint against a provider please? My issue has (hopefully!) been dealt with, but I don’t want any other family to experience this!