Weekly Q and A - 20 October

Posted on 20 October 2017

Are there are people with disability on selection panels for NDIA jobs in all states?.  

The NDIA place a significant emphasis on ensuring we recruit and retain employees with the right skills, in the right roles and at the right time. We also strive to be the leading APS recruiter of People with Disability. According the State of the Service Report 2016-17, the representation rate of People with Disability in the APS is 3.6%, this compared to the NDIA's rate of 14.36% (as of 30 June 2017). Each month, our actual number of staff identifying as a person with disability is increasing.

The NDIA utilises a range of measures to recruit and retain employees who identify as a person with disability, this includes:

  • at a minimum, all roles being advertised under RecruitAbility (an APS initiative where a person with disability can opt into RecruitAbility and if they meet the minimum requirements of a role, they are fast tracked to interview)
  • advertising bulk recruitment roles (service delivery and some admin support roles) under Affirmative Measure provisions (roles only open to those who identify as a person with disability)
  • having a criteria of Contemporary Attitude to Disability as a core assessment item in all NDIA roles. This includes within the Statement of Claims (application) and a core interview question

In terms of our interview panel compositions, we strive to have a broad cross section of employees on each and every selection panel. The minimum requirements we have for selection panels are:

  • members to be either at level or higher than the role recruiting to
  • composition to have gender balance
  • have at least one independent member (someone not currently working within the recruiting area)
  • Panel chair to have completed the Australian Network on Disability (AND) Disability Confident Recruiter online training
  • where possible, seek panel chairs to have one panel member being a person with disability (either an NDIA panel or a member from a panel of casual employees that identify as a person with disability).

If I am an NDIS participant can I also be a provider as well?

Absolutely! Many NDIS participants have their own businesses and have become registered NDIS providers.

Check out the working with the NDIS section of our website for details on the steps you'll need to take to become a registered NDIS provider. You can also starting looking at the Terms of Business which outlines a provider's responsibilities.

Can I use two service providers that provide the same service?

It is important to remember that it's your choice which providers you choose to deliver the supports in your plan.

No matter how your plan is managed or which option is chosen for the payment of providers, you remain in control of which providers you select and when and how your supports are delivered.

In order to use two service providers that provide the same service, it is recommended that there are clear Service Agreements in place. This will ensure that each provider delivers the agreed supports, and that the supports requested do not overlap, enabling you to utilise the budget in your plan to achieve your goals and objectives.

For more information visit the understanding your plan and supports page of our website.

Regarding plan reviews – I have been advised to make sure I complete this before the 12 month mark otherwise funding will stop. Is this correct?

The NDIS will contact you before your plan expires to discuss your next plan. It is a good idea to make a note of when your plan is due to expire, so you can begin thinking about your goals for your next plan.

A small number of NDIS participants may have a gap between their current plan's start date and the previous plan's end date. Providers should continue to provide services to a participant during this gap period in a plan. Providers will still be able to receive payment under their old plan for services they have provided during the gap period.

I want to work with the NDIA, how can I apply?

This is great to hear! As the NDIS rolls out to more places across Australia, we are always looking for people from all walks of life who are passionate about social inclusion and disability services. The best way to find out about upcoming roles with the NDIA is to keep an eye on our jobs page. You can create a profile and sign up for job alerts, plus access resources to help you with your application.

Find out what working with the Agency is all about hear from Debbie and her role as a planner with the NDIS (external).