Q and A - 23 April

Posted on 23 April 2018

collapsedWhat is a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) and what do they do?

collapsedWhat is the difference between a LAC and NDIA Planner?

collapsedCan you explain when an LAC would provide support to help me implement my plan and when the NDIA might fund support coordination to help me implement my plan?

collapsedWhat are the organisations working with the NDIA as LAC's?

collapsedWhere can I find information about my nearest LAC?

collapsedMy LAC helped with my access request form, can they tell me if my access to the NDIS is approved?

collapsedIf I'm unsure about the NDIS, can I take my 5 year old to an LAC?

collapsedHow can an LAC help me if I'm not a participant in the NDIS?