Q and A - 26 February

Posted on 26 February 2018

collapsedWhy is the NDIS supporting Mardi Gras?

collapsedWhy is it called the National Disability 'Insurance' Scheme? I don't understand the use of the word insurance in this context?

collapsedCan you clarify if NDIS will fund the difference in cost between private and group swimming lessons? My son is not able to cope in group lessons and needs 1:1 coaching because of his disability.

collapsedWhat rate can support staff be paid? Is it negotiable?

collapsedMy son's NDIS plan is Agency Managed. My Occupational Therapist sees him for 45 minutes each session but charges an hour because she says she does 15 minutes of paperwork after each session. Is she allowed to do that?

collapsedDoes School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) always have to be Agency managed?