Outcome Four: Research

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Projects funded under this outcome will encourage and support research to inform decision making and operations to ensure best practice for people with disability, service organisations and the NDIA.
Current projects

1. Early Intervention

Evidence Based Practice: A series of projects to providing expert advice and the development of practical guidelines to assist NDIA decision making with respect to children diagnosed (or likely to be diagnosed) with

2. An expansion of the Survey of Disability Ageing and Careres (SDAC) statistics. SDAC data is the baseline data utilised for many NDIS Agreement indicators

3.NDIS Evaluation. The NDIA have commissioned the National Institute of Labour Studies, at Flinders University of South Australia to conduct an evaluation between May 2013 –June 2016
For more information about the NDIS Evaluation and ways to participate please visit the NDIS Evaluation Website

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Published Date: 

9 December 2014