Outcome Two: Disability Service Providers

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Projects funded under this outcome deliver a range of tools, workshops, coaching and practical supports to build service provider readiness and capacity to operate under the NDIS.
Current projects include:

1. Capacity Building– Providers

National Disability Services (NDS) will continue its current NDIS Readiness project, expanding the NDIS Organisational Readiness Toolkit to providers outside of trial sites, extending the provision of tools and resources, and coordinating State and Territory led activities to provide targeted sector development assistance. Providers can access the Readiness Assessment Tool on the NDS website.The Tool assists organisations to complete an assessment of their readiness to operate in the new environment.

For more information contact: Stephanie Worsteling, NDS, stephanie.worsteling@nds.org.au

NDS will also manage eleven projects by disability support providers around the country, focusing on supporting people with disability using traditional forms of disability support into more individualised models which increase inclusion in the community.
For more information contact: James Bannister, NDS, james.bannister@nds.org.au

2. Development of a national approach to assistive aids and technologies

To deliver an empowering, accessible, sustainable and nationally consistent approach to ensuring NDIA participants have ready access to the quality assistive technology solutions they require to participate fully in their lives and their communities.

This will include developing strategies to maximise participant choice and control, support innovation and ensure service delivery is sustainable into the future.

For more information contact: SectorDevelopmentFund@dss.gov.au.

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Published Date: 

9 December 2014