Independent Assessment Framework

Key facts:

  • The Independent Assessment Framework (the Framework) explains why we are introducing independent assessments and describes the new approach.
  • We’ve used feedback from experts to help us develop the Framework.
  • The Framework is based on the NDIS Act 2013 and the World Health Organization - International Classification of Functioning (ICF). 

The NDIS Act 2013 is the legislation that sets out how a person becomes a participant in the NDIS and how that person’s support needs are identified and funded. 

For a person with disability, functional capacity is one of the key factors in determining eligibility for the NDIS. Functional capacity is the ability to be involved in different areas of life like home, school, work and the community and to carry out tasks and actions. It takes into account other factors in a person’s environment that may impact day to day life.

To explain why we are introducing independent assessments, and what they will do, we have developed the Independent Assessment Framework. 

The Framework includes information about why we need a new approach to assess a person’s functional capacity and how we will select and use the assessment tools to do independent assessments. We will publish information separately in the near future on the specific assessment tools proposed.

We’ve developed this Framework after talking to academics, allied health professionals and other experts in disability. We asked for feedback on the Framework from these experts to help us fine tune the approach. 

An Easy Read version of the Framework and this will be available soon.

Over the coming months, we’ll release more information about independent assessments. We’ll also continue to talk to participants, their families and carers, peak bodies and disability organisations to explain independent assessments, and provide opportunities to contribute to this important work.

How will the Independent Assessment Framework and Independent Assessment approach make things better?

The Framework discusses how the Independent Assessment approach will:

  • lead to more consistency in decision making when people request  access the NDIS and in the planning process,
  • make the process fairer and more equitable by removing the financial burden on prospective participants to provide the information required;
  • take into account how a person’s functional capacity is influenced by their environment, their health and other individual factors, not just their disability;
  • introduce an assessment process that recognises that a particular condition or disability does not necessarily have the same impact on everyone, 
  • shift towards a whole of person assessment; and
  • focus on function rather than diagnosis.
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18 September 2020
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