Independent assessments and your plan

Key facts

  • Independent assessments help us work with you to develop your plan and budget
  • A person at the NDIA will approve your new plan.

Once you have your independent assessment, we will work with you to develop your NDIS plan and plan budget.

Because your independent assessment focuses on your individual circumstances and functional capacity, rather than just your diagnosis or disability, it is an important tool to help us build your NDIS plan.  

Your independent assessment will make sure that you get the right funding in your plan for your functional capacity, support needs and goals.

When you have your planning meeting, you can talk to us about the things that are important to you, and the kinds of supports you need to help you with daily life and achieve your goals

Your goals might include becoming more independent, getting or keeping a job, learning new skills, or becoming more active in your community.

It’s important to remember that your independent assessment is just one part of building your plan. You’ll be able to work with your planner to develop a plan that takes into account all aspects of your life.

Having the information from your independent assessment also helps your planner to focus on assisting you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Your plan will be checked and signed off by a person at the NDIA.

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28 August 2020
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