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What is the Practical Design Fund?

The Practical Design Fund was a 2012-13 grants program that assists the Australian Government’s commitment to support initiatives and resources to identify practical ways to prepare people with disability, their families and carers, the disability sector and workforce for the transition to the NDIS.

Of the 73 published projects, those listed below were designed specifically to help you make decisions about the support you receive under the NDIS and the way in which you receive it. Each project was demonstrated at the NDIS National Conference and a video presentation is available on the Conference Page.

Note: the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) provides assistance to NDIS participants to help them with decision making and increase their capacity to understand the service delivery options available to enable them to meet their goals.


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Organisation Project Description
Ability Technology Ltd

Develop an interactive website to help people with disability to explore assistive technology options.

Ability House case study

ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Help people with disability make decisions about their supports and day-to-day life by developing tools for supported decision making.
Disability Advocacy Network Australia Develop an online tool about advocacy and the NDIS.
Endeavour Foundation Develop education tools to ensure the rights of people with impaired capacity are upheld in the person-centred planning processes.
Epilepsy Foundation VIC

Develop a best practice guide for people with disability and service providers to help them manage ongoing health conditions.

Epilepsy Foundation Vic case study

Epilepsy Foundation Victoria Develop a self-directed epilepsy management plan to help people with disability to manage their condition, as an example that can also be applied to other health conditions.
Housing Resource and Support Service Develop best practice guidelines to help people with disability to compare services easily, using Consumer Service Agreements.
Illawarra Disability Trust Develop an online forum for people with a disability, families and carers to manage their supports, network, share information and support each other.
Latrobe Community Health Services Develop an online tool to help people with disability to self-direct their supports, choose providers and manage their individual support packages.
Marillac Ltd Develop a website to help people with disability who want to employ their own support staff directly.
Monash University Develop 10 online videos for people with low literacy skills or cognitive limitations to help them understand the planning process, set goals, and choose providers.
My Place (WA) Produce a guide called “Everything You Need to Know About Engaging Your Own Supports” to help people with disability self-manage their supports.
Occupational Therapy Australia Develop a website which explains the different types of allied health services, who can deliver them, and what people can expect from their allied health professional.
Perth Home Care Services Develop a series of online presentations to educate people about the Microboard model as a way for people with disability to have more choice and control over their supports.
Physical Disability Council of NSW Develop a strategy for setting up user-led disability organisations to give new options to people with disability to access the supports they want.
RMIT University Produce a toolkit of resources to help people with a disability, carers and families make informed choices about who should deliver their supports.
Scope Vic

Develop guidelines to help therapists and clients understand what services can be delivered safely and effectively at a distance using new telehealth technologies.

Scope Vic Case Study

Scope Access Home Modifications

Develop resources to help people with disability to make informed decisions about the costs and benefits of home modifications and other accommodation choices.

Scope Access Home Modifications Case Study

Southern Cross University A video series which shows how personal support networks can assist people living with a developmental disability to create a good life. Compelling first person accounts by people with a disability and their personal network members about planning and living a good life.
Speak Out Association of Tasmania Develop a toolkit for young people with intellectual disability to help them set goals, choose supports and gain independence.
Summer Foundation Ltd Develop a toolkit to help people with disability to choose appropriate housing options to meet their needs.
Wesley Mission Develop a financial toolkit for people with disability including a website and Smartphone App.
Wesley Mission Victoria Develop a toolkit of resources to help people with a disability to choose who will deliver their supports.
Youth Disability Advocacy Services Investigate effectiveness of different housing models for young people with disability and how they could apply under the NDIS.

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