Developing your child's participant statement

This page will assist you to think about your child s life goals and outcomes and develop a Participant Statement to help us develop your child s NDIS plan. The Getting Plan Ready form can be used to record your child's Participant Statement. This is available for download on the right side of the screen.

Your child s individual NDIS plan

Once we confirm your child can participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we will work with you to develop your child s individual plan.

Your child s plan includes information on their goals, environment and personal context as well as their informal, mainstream and funded supports.

Support to enable your child to take part in daily life and progress their goals

Knowing what you and your child would like to work towards in their life is the important first step in preparing your child s plan and working out what supports they might need to help address the impact of their disability.

The participant statement is the main way you help us learn about your child and their needs, including:

  • your child s living arrangements
  • your child s regular activities, in particular social activities and education
  • important people in their life
  • your child s current informal, community and government-funded supports
  • what is working well in your child s life or not working so well, things they are good at and things they enjoy.

We also ask you to think about your child s goals and objectives, including:

  • how your child would like their life to be in a few years and what they would like to change
  • what your child, you or your family and friends can do achieve their goals and objectives
  • what supports your child has to help them, including family, friends and other informal supports, as well as mainstream, community and disability supports
  • what is stopping your child from achieving their objectives

In the legislation some key terms are used which you will notice in forms and other NDIS material:

  • Participant is used to refer to the individual with a disability who is a participant in the NDIS.
  • Participant statement of goals and aspirations refers to the information the participant provides about their goals and their circumstances which informs the development of their plan.
  • Statement of participant supports refers to the supports the NDIS will assist your child to access and any supports funded by the NDIS.

You can use the Getting Plan Ready form on the right side of this page to help you prepare your child's Participant Statement.

Your child s National Disability Insurance Agency planner can help you to develop the participant statement for your child if you want help.


This list prompts you to think about things that will help you develop your child s participant statement.

Thinking about your child s life

What does your child want to achieve in their life?

Education eg starting or finishing pre-school or school?

Social participation eg getting involved in social or community activities?

Independence getting around their house or community by themself?

Health and wellbeing eg taking up an active recreation activity or sport?

Your child s life now

What are your child s current living arrangements?

What sort of accommodation do they live in?

Who do they live with?

Family, friends and other important people in your child s life?

Who plays an important role in your child s life?

What are your child s regular activities?

Child care, pre-school or school?

Social and community activities?

Other things your child does with family and friends?

What is working well in your child s life?

Things that are working well for your child?

Things that your child is good at?

Things that your child really likes?

What things would your child like to change in their life? For example:

Are there new things your child wants to learn that would enable them to get ready for or complete school or undertake social or community activities?

What abilities would your child like to develop?

What is not working so well in your child s life now?

Thinking about supports

What supports does your child need because of their disability?

Are there supports your child needs to enable them to increase their social or community activities or education?

Does a family member or carer provide your child with support for their disability?

Fact Sheets and Publications

Check the fact sheets about arrangements in each state and territory.

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