Who is likely to need a full plan review?

If your circumstances have changed significantly, you will need to have a full plan review. For example:

  • If the impact of your disability on your life has changed 
  • If you have started a new life stage such as school or work
  • There is a significant change in your personal circumstances and/or living arrangements
  • Young children with changing goals and developmental needs whose support needs have changed

Who is likely to be able to continue with the same supports in a new plan? 

If the impact of your disability on your life hasn’t changed.

If you don’t expect any big life changes in the next 12 months, like starting study, work or starting school.

If you have been using your current plan and it is working for you, helping you pursue your goals and the supports continue to be reasonable and necessary.  

For children under 7 years 

The aim of early intervention is to provide support as early as possible to reduce the impact of a child's disability or developmental delay on their daily life.

If your child receives Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) support, their Early Childhood Partner will usually do their review.

When your child’s plan is nearing its end date, we will call you to check-in with you and see how they are going, and book a plan review meeting. 

For children under 7, a full plan review is usually required every 12 months as it is important to take into account any upcoming transitions, milestones or changes in your child’s goals and support needs, such as starting school. 

Because of this, we will not be able to develop a new plan with the same supports as your child’s current plan without a plan review meeting and a clear understanding of your child’s current needs. 

If there is evidence that only minor changes to your child’s plan and previous level of funding are needed, your child may receive a new plan with those changes. 

The decision for the new plan will be made by the NDIA based on the reasonable and necessary criteria.

We will work with you during your child’s plan review meeting to understand what the best approach is to help your child work towards their goals.  

We recommend you discuss the Early Childhood provider report form (DOCX 96KB) with your providers a few months ahead of your child’s plan review.

The Early Childhood provider report form guides providers to report on the supports delivered to NDIS participants under seven years of age.

We recommend providers use the form to write reports for plan reviews. The form outlines the information needed, such as:

  • what services were provided, and by whom
  • a progress update including outcomes achieved
  • future recommendations.

You can read more about the Early Childhood provider report form.

This page current as of
4 May 2021