NSW Home Ventilation program - in-kind supports

In-kind Home Ventilation program (Attendant Care) in NSW gives attendant care services to people who depend on a ventilator. 

Level of support

Just like other supports in your NDIS plan, in-kind supports help you to achieve your goals.

If you get an in-kind support, its value should be included in your plan if it is reasonable and necessary.

If you already get supports through the Home Ventilation program remember they have been pre-paid. You don’t need to pay for them with your NDIS plan funds.

Ventilation services – providers

You should continue to use your existing ventilation service provider. If you are unsatisfied with the level or quality of your attendant care, speak to your NSW program manager.

New participants and the NSW Home Ventilation program

Typically, new participants will not access the NSW Home Ventilation program. Contact your LAC or Support Coordinator for more information.

Other supports under the Home Ventilation program not covered as in-kind

If you use the In-kind Home Ventilation program (Attendant Care) service, the NDIS is not responsible for any mechanical equipment, other respiratory products or product maintenance. Speak to your NSW program manager if you have any issues.

This page current as of
13 May 2019