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This playlist on our YouTube channel features a variety of real-life stories from participants in the NDIS.

Highlights from the NDIS TV Stories

Finding a Place to Call Home

If you want to find out more about how housing works with the NDIS, this is a great video. It features three different people working towards finding their own homes. Mary from Queensland is looking to move into independent living. Stuart and Marlene worked together to find a home of their own. Lindsay’s family are looking for ways to make it easier for him to live independently at home.

Alexander’s Story: A Delicious Success

Alexander is a thriving entrepreneur. At 22, he has established a delicious business selling cakes, biscuits and caramel slices on Facebook. Through his NDIS funding, Alexander access a work experience program. He participates in six (one on one) sessions to perfect his craft. Alex’s business is booming. When he started he was baking a cake every couple of weeks. His business has grown to three cakes a day. Karen and his NDIS team are excited to where Alex’s tasty treats business will go.

Griffin’s Story: Sky High

31 year old Griffin likes to meet people. He enjoys filling up water bottles for the players and helping them on the ground. Griffin has autistic traits. He was diagnosed when he was very young. Griffin is the most tenderest, sweetest loving man. Griffin was never reliant on services prior to becoming an adult. However, when his family evolved and commenced new employment, his mother found the need for some additional assistant. She realised that her son could have a support worker, for four to five hours on a Saturday or a Sunday when the games are scheduled. They’ve celebrated him at the awards that we have after every game. He’s included.

James’ Story: Being a Kid

James is in year one and studies Mandarin and favourite class in English. Language has always been a key focus of James’ life as he navigates through friendships and new relationships. James had some trouble communicating. He was never frustrated, but his parents were the only ones who could really understand him. Early intervention is getting the children in as early as possible to make sure that they’re developing skills required for primary school, high school, adolescence and into adulthood. James has reached a big milestone for the whole family. “It was great for him to start school being able to communicate with his friends and the teacher.”

Rebecca’s Story: Three Boys

Rebecca and her three beautiful children are excited about the future possibilities. Two of her three boys receive NDIS funding, which makes it possible for Rebecca to seek the additional support networks she requires. The NDIS will mean her children will have the best chance for their future.

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