SLES frequently asked questions


collapsedWho determines whether SLES should be included in a plan?

collapsedIs SLES a stated support?

collapsedDo SLES supports always have to be agency managed?

collapsedCan a participant self-manage SLES?

collapsedWhat will the school leaver assessment process look like moving forward?

collapsedIf a participant is leaving school, would they need to complete a Change of Circumstance form in order to initiate a plan review for employment or other transition supports to be considered?

collapsedCan a participant access SLES from two providers at the same time?

collapsedIf a participant's employment position doesn't work out, can they go back to receiving SLES?

collapsedHow can we improve the uptake and utilisation of SLES in plans?

collapsedHow can we support people outside of the SLES age bracket?

collapsedWhen should SLES be included in a plan?

Employment Pathway

collapsedWhat comes after SLES?

collapsedWhat exactly is covered in employment capacity building supports?

collapsedWhere does supported employment fit in to this space?

collapsedCan ADEs support their participants to gain open employment?

collapsedWhat happens if the provider doesn't produce outcomes after 2 years of SLES supports?


collapsedWhat is the Provider Reporting Tool used for?

collapsedHow can staff and participants identify who their local SLES providers are?

collapsedHow do providers claim SLES funding?

collapsedHow does the NDIA identify and engage providers?


collapsedDoes SLES begin while the student is still at school?

collapsedWhat role do teachers play in SLES?