'Choice and Control' Webinar Questions and Responses

Thank you for participating in the 6 November 2013 webinar on Choice and Control. We received many questions and comments and thank you for providing your input and feedback.

The questions and comments received during the Choice and Control webinar have been grouped together into identified themes. For each theme we have provided responses and links to further information that is available on our website.

In most cases answers to the questions raised during the webinar can be found on our website. However, if you have unanswered questions or are unable to locate the relevant information on the website, please contact us.

Questions about individual circumstances

During the webinar we received a number of questions relating to individual or personal circumstances. The NDIS is predicated on an understanding that everyone's needs, preferences and aspirations are different. Meeting the access requirements for the Scheme will depend on a number of factors including whether you live in a launch location, are in the right age group for a launch location, as well as the impacts of your condition on your everyday life.

Under the NDIS legislation, access to the Scheme is determined by the NDIA's planners and for this reason we are unable to provide a response to questions asking whether an individual would be able to access the Scheme.

For further information about access requirements for the Scheme

To find out more about meeting the access requirements (that is, receiving assistance from the Scheme), you can read about the Access Requirements. If you live in a current launch site, or in one of the upcoming launch sites such as the ACT, NT or WA, you can also use the My Access Checker online tool (My Access Checker is currently being redeveloped and will be available soon).

How can I become involved with the Scheme prior to becoming a participant?

Opportunities to interact with the Agency about specific issues are available from time to time. Information about these opportunities is made available on the website.

However, if at any time you wish to provide feedback on any aspect of the Scheme, you can do this by phoning our contact centre on 1800 800 110, or by sending us an email at enquiries@ndis.gov.au.

For information for people with disability, families, carers and the community about how you can become involved through forums, co-design and interaction with the Agency:

The Sector Development Fund provides a range of activities which people may become involved in during the launch period and lead up to the national roll out of the Scheme.

Public events

Public forums for people with disability, their families and carers, and community members - as well as separate forums for support providers - are regularly scheduled in all launch locations. Information about all upcoming events can be found on the website.

Transition to the Scheme

The new Scheme is very different to the disability support system we have known. To ensure that the new arrangements work as well as possible and that we learn as we go along, the transition to the NDIS will be gradual.

Information about the transition processes during launch and national roll-out of the Scheme is available on the website and is updated regularly as more details become available.

Information about the Planning and Assessment Framework

The planning and assessment process confirms that an individual meets the access requirements for the Scheme and explores their individual circumstances and disability support needs. Planning conversations may occur over several visits to ensure that each participant's plan is fully developed and will meet their reasonable and necessary support requirements.

Making decisions and choices

Participants in the Scheme are involved in all decision making processes that affect them - to the extent that they are able to do so. We recognise that some people may need support to make decisions and participants will have the opportunity to include those people who are important to them in the planning discussions about supports now and into the future. Guardians and nominees of people with disability will also play an important role in this process.

Support Providers

Information about choosing a registered support provider or employing a support worker is available to assist participants to make choices about the types of supports and support providers that suit them best.

Examples of services and supports can be found in individual stories, which illustrate a mix of support requirements and access to supports.

Services and supports for people outside launch locations

If you are not living in one of the current or upcoming launch sites, you will still be able to engage with existing Australian and State and Territory Government services about your support needs.

Connecting to supports in rural and remote areas

The Scheme has been designed to meet the long term needs of people with disability. Greater flexibility will be available in the selection of supports and services. Participants may choose to utilise traditional as well as innovative supports. These could include supports provided through an established disability service provider or through uniquely individual and tailored arrangements.

Over time it is expected that new support providers will enter the market, as well as participants being able to access supports from providers outside the disability support sector.

Work is also being undertaken through the Sector Development Fund to increase the capacity of the sector and to develop new and different support opportunities.

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