Changes to SLES claiming

SLES is available to students who do not, or are unlikely to meet the eligibility criteria for Disability Employment Services (DES).

Current claiming process

The NDIA Terms of Business specify that providers claim in accordance with the NDIA pricing arrangements and guidelines; essentially this means payments are claimed after service delivery. In effect, this means that providers can't claim SLES payments when a participant stops receiving SLES services. 

Why has this interim policy been developed?

This way of claiming may encourage providers to "hold" participants, rather than transition to DES job seeking. The NDIS is exploring the potential for an outcomes based funding model for SLES therefore this change to the claiming rules will be an interim arrangement only.

Key messages for providers

The full annualised funding of $21,407.52 (or pro rata for plans less than 12 months) and any applicable SLES extension as agreed by the agency can only be claimed when:

  • A full plan funding period of direct SLES service provision has been delivered; or
  • During the plan period the participant commences open employment at award or supported wages; and,
  • The participants' primary employment supports funding moves from SLES to DES (no later than the commencement of the job placement); and,
  • The participant remains employed within 2 months of the scheduled plan end date, and
  • Is expected to move towards a sustainable outcome as per the DES outcomes guidelines.